How to purchase NFTs

Start purchasing your first NFT

1.Firstly, you need to choose the blockchain network; we'll use ETH as an example.

2.On the Marketplace, based on "Tren" and "Tot" items, you can freely select the NFT you like for purchase.

3.Upon entering the NFT page, as shown in the figure below, you can see information such as the "Floor" and "Transaction volume" for that series.

4.At this point, you only need to choose the NFT you want to purchase, click "Pay Now," and follow the prompts in your wallet to complete the transaction.

Once the transaction is completed, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet, and the seller will receive the funds.

5.You can check the NFTs you own and transaction records in the "Personal Center."

Note: Due to real-time fluctuations in transaction activity on the blockchain, delays may occur.

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