💡About Ubox

Ubox is a new NFT trading platform based on an Eastern cultural perspective, providing a secure, diverse, and high-quality trading experience for digital asset enthusiasts in the Asia-Pacific region. It inherits the successful experience and customer base of leading NFT trading platforms, bringing together a broader ecosystem of high-quality IP creators, brands, artists, and collectors, injecting new vitality into the digital asset ecosystem.

With the core concept of "creating your digital oasis," Ubox offers users a variety of digital assets and a brand-new collection interactive experience. It breaks the monotony of traditional trading platforms by building a broader trading scenario around the NFT ecosystem, including convenient transactions, exciting collections, more interactive experiences, immersive communities, and scene empowerment. The digital oasis is a real world that will bring new possibilities to the digital asset field.

ubox.io Platform Features

A more Asian-friendly trading landscape

Focused on the Asian crypto space, creating a more Asian-friendly user experience and content landscape.

Richer Crypto Content

A brand new asset experience platform with more exciting collectibles and a variety of asset interaction scenarios.

Advanced asset services with enhanced experience

A more sophisticated asset security and access experience, based on the interconnection of ethereum to multiple blockchain networks.

Superior Liquidity

Integrating various services such as oracles, staking, and the successful experiences of leading exchanges and platforms to further improve the liquidity of the NFT secondary market

Our Vision

Ubox's vision is to become the world's leading NFT trading scene, providing users with a secure, diversified, immersive experience with high added value, creating a high-quality scene for digital asset enthusiasts and collectors, adding value to digital assets through innovation and optimisation, and making more people understand the appeal and value of digital assets through the Digital Oasis, driving the development and popularity of the field and making digital assets an integral part of lifestyle. We look forward to more users joining our Digital Oasis to explore, collect and exchange the fascination of digital assets.

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