EOS Event Guide

1. Add EOS EVM to your MetaMask

Adding manually

If you are using wallets that do not support the wallet_addEthereumChain protocol, you can add the network manually with the information below.


2. Bridge from EOS to EOS EVM

EVM Tokens

The EOS tokens on the EOS EVM are the exact same tokens as the ones on the EOS Network.

This means that EOS tokens you see on exchanges are the same as the ones you use on EOS EVM. However, since most exchanges only support the native version of those tokens, you must bridge your tokens to use them on the EVM.

Bridge from EOS to EOS EVM

Bridge tokens yourself

If you have EOS tokens on the EOS Mainnet or Jungle Testnet, you can send EOS directly to your EVM address. Open your wallet and send EOS tokens to eosio.evmin with your EVM address as the memo.

Bridge tokens from an exchange

Disclaimer: Not all exchanges support sending tokens to a smart contract. Depending on the exchange you are using you might need to first send the tokens to your own wallet and then follow the directions in the previous section.

To withdraw EOS tokens from a centralized exchange (CEX) to an EOS EVM address:

  1. Visit the withdrawal screen of the Exchange's app

  2. Select EOS as Coin

  3. Select EOS as Network

  4. Enter eosio.evmin as Wallet Address

  5. Enter your EOS EVM public key as Memo

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